4 (Very Cool) New York City Teens Review Fashion Week

Back in September, we asked 12 New York City teens to tell us
they were wearing
on the first day of school. Their answers
about their own style were thoughtful, funny, and surprising—so
much so that we decided to ask four of the most fashion-obsessed
among them to come back to
Man Repeller HQ
and weigh in on New York Fashion Week. For good
measure, we asked them to come wearing outfits inspired by their
favorite runway looks, too. (Their pictures have been taken, once
again, by their friend and fellow teen, photographer Olivia Wein.)

Keep reading to see the looks they put together—and find out
what they think about the clothes that were sent down the

Okay, let’s talk about your outfits. Which looks did you choose
and how did you go about recreating them?

Coach via Vogue Runway

Jian: There were a few looks that I kind of
combined into one look. The Coach show in particular had a lot of
trenches and layers and sneakers and I like that—I like the
juxtaposition of dressy trenches and casual sneakers. The
silhouettes were kind of oversized, not very fitted, and that’s
how I dress normally so I thought I’d use that as inspiration.
The Stanford
is actually my grandfather’s. It’s cute and this
is my first time wearing it. I just threw it on and I think it
looks good with the color of the trench.

Palm Angels via Vogue Runway

Nico: I looked at the Palm Angels show just
because I didn’t like a lot of the other ones. Also, I just
bought this jacket and the show had a lot of fringe, so I thought
that was perfect. And I also had this shirt with all the patchwork
on it. So I just kind of figured I’d put it all together. The
models were wearing these big diamond necklaces which I thought was
cool with the Western theme—like Jian was saying about

Acne Studios via Vogue Runway

Ellison: So, mine is inspired by the Acne
Studios collection that just happened in Paris. Their whole thing
this time was using artificial intelligence to laser cut prints and
create new flower designs. They used all these beautiful earthy
tones and there was this one [beautiful] dress that was
paisley—then I found this shirt at Goodwill for $3 last night!
I’m wearing the belt because they used different types of
textures that just blended so beautifully into one cohesive show. I
was really enamored with it. And my Telfar jacket has
all these cutouts and you can remove the sleeves. There were a lot
of crops with interesting asymmetrical cutouts in the Acne Studio
show, so I thought, why not?

Bevza via Vogue Runway

Isabella: I looked at the New York Fashion Week
Instagram because I wasn’t super up to date with all the shows
and I saw there was a show that Bella Hadid did and I really liked,
it was more of a floral look. Rodarte! That’s where I saw the
dark lip—I don’t normally do that. I wanted to contrast with
the last photo shoot we did and do a darker look. I really like the
whole power suit look so I decided to wear an all-black suit—this
is actually my brother’s so it’s oversized on me—and shoes
from this cool brand called Funtasma that are different shades of
beige. I just wanted something really bold and striking.

How much attention do you pay to New York Fashion Week normally,
scale of 1-10?

Jian: 6
Nico: 7
Ellison: 10
Isabella: 6

You guys mentioned earlier that your interest levels in the runway
shows have waned because you’re more interested in street style
and attendee style. Who do you look out for?

Jian: I can’t pinpoint one person for sure,
but it’s cool to see everyone put their twist on runway pieces
that they get sent to wear to the actual show. Bella brought up
Bella Hadid, I feel like I always love her style in particular but
I don’t pay attention to one person all the time. I love seeing
new people and their quirky or new style.

Ellison: I have a few that have stayed with me
since the beginning of my style awakening… @Avanope.

Nico: Yeah!

Ellison: I met her when she was working at
Opening Ceremony, then she moved to be online creative director at
Helmut Lang—I’ve been following the whole MoMA thing, the Gucci
thing that she did herself. I love her so much. And then Sami Miró who
reworks vintage—her Pyer Moss and Burberry show outfits from
September fashion week? Killed me. Also Anaa Saber, Our
Second Skin, her stuff is ridiculous, I love her so much.

Nico: For me it’s actually not a lot of
female influencers, although I do love Ava and I’ve been
following her for a long time. I like following menswear and what
they wear to fashion week. I feel like there are specific
womenswear trends that I get tired of seeing over and over and I
think in menswear it’s more flexible. There’s one guy, Gully Guy
—he’s cool.

Ellison: Yesssss! In menswear, I think Rick
Owens and Eckhaus Latta and a few of those unisex designers are
helping expand on that. For a while, it’s just been jeans and
T-shirts and it’s like… I don’t want to wear that shit! I
think there’s a lot of places it can go and it’s growing.

Bella: I’d have to look at my Instagram feed.
There are so many people I look at but I don’t remember their
names. Last night my friend sent me a really cool red look, this
girl who had red all over her eyes. There are so many influencers
who wear things that are better than what’s in the show.

And last, would love your takes on some of the bigger moments
during the week. Let’s look through some photos and you can share
your thoughts. This Christopher John Rogers dress pretty much won
Instagram, didn’t it?

Christopher John Rogers
Christopher John Rogers via Getty Images

[Everyone gasps]
Ellison: Keeping New York New! York! Oh my god. I
think he’s one of the people keeping New York’s integrity as a
fashion city.
Nico: Yes. It’s beautiful and at the same time
it feels structured. It’s just elegant.
Jian: It’s like modern and traditional at the
same time.
Bella: I loved the hair so much.
Ellison: It’s all just gorgeous.

Lots of priestly collars were sent down the runway. Thoughts?

Adam Lippes (Left); Sandy Liang (Right) via Vogue Runway

Ellison: [ponders] No, thanks.
Nico: Yeah that’s going to be a no for me. I
mean, do your thing, but.
Bella: I like the second one more, the peter pan
Jian: I actually like the other one. I like that
it looks puffy, but I don’t know if it actually is?

Thick socks and open-toe shoes had a moment at Rachel Comey.

Rachel Comey
Rachel Comey via Vogue Runway

Bella: I don’t even need to see it. Yes.
Ellison: Yes and yes.
Nico: I like the thick socks. I’ve been wearing
them a lot with loafers, but I don’t know about wearing them with
open-toed shoes.
Jian: I like them with a really thin strapped
heel, with mostly the sock showing.

Are you into clogs?

Sies Marjan
Sies Marjan via Vogue Runway

Nico: I mean, I’m Dutch, so I’m kind of for
clogs [laughs]
Ellison: I think the way he did it was pretty, but
I don’t know about regular wear. It crosses over to art.
Nico: Not every day, but….
Jian: That’s how I feel about so much stuff. But
it looks really good with the outfits.

There were a lot of mullets at Fashion Week. What do you think?

Miley Cyrus at Marc; Alyssa Coscarelli Street Style via Getty

Ellison: Ooooh, Alyssa in the City!
Nico: I like mullets on girls. I was going to get
one when I went to get my hair cut recently, but I chickened out
and got layers instead.
Jian: I think they look **** on girls, but I
don’t like them on guys.

Veils were a thing.

Rodarte via Vogue Runway

All: Yesssss!
Jian: I love that.
Bella: I love that.
Ellison: I’m with that.

Across-the-board “yes” on veils?

Bella: I was going to wear one today!
Ellison: [Conspiratorially] You should have!
Bella: I just couldn’t find one at home that you
could see my makeup through.

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