A 1930s artist’s claustrophobic New York Harbor

George Grosz made a name for himself drawing and painting
caricatures of life in his native Germany during the postwar Weimar

But this Expressionist painter who helped lead the Dada movement
left Germany in 1932 and relocated to New York City, turning his
cynical eye on his adopted home city.

York Harbor,” from 1936,
is his take on Depression-era
Gotham. The colors are cool and the brush strokes thick, giving New
York a tough, chaotic feel.

Grosz is like the gulls flying over the harbor. He’s observing
this modern city of industry and power, a place that’s so
consumed by progress it doesn’t have room for humanity…notice
the total absence of people.

Source: FS – 898253
A 1930s artist’s claustrophobic New York Harbor