BREAKING: City, State to Reduce Speed Limit on West Side Highway

Breaking news: At 11:45 a.m. on Thursday, city Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg will announce that the speed limit for drivers on the dangerous West Side Highway will be reduced from 35 to 30 miles per hour.

Trottenberg will be joined by safe streets boosters including State Senator Brad Hoylman, City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez and Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Danny Harris, who is overseeing his first of the group’s annual Vision Zero Cities conference.

Readers of Streetsblog learned about the proposed speed limit reduction over the summer, when Hoylman revealed that it would be part of other safety improvements.

The change follows a push by activists as well as a push by Hoylman following several deaths on the roadway in 2016, including a cyclist killed by a cement truck driver. There will also be improvements for pedestrians.

The changes are vital for a highway whose lower portions are extremely dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists drawn to the popular Hudson River Park. In 2018 on the stretch between W. 23rd Street and Battery Place, 16 cyclists, 26 pedestrians and 92 motorists were injured, and one motorist killed, in 713 crashes — or roughly two crashes per day on just three miles of roadway.

This is a breaking news story. Check back later for updates.

Source: nyc.streetsblog
BREAKING: City, State to Reduce Speed Limit on West Side Highway