Come to New York If You Want To Live

As we wrap up 2011, the city is announcing all sorts of statistics about life in the Big Apple.  I noticed 3 in a row that sound pretty awesome:

  • New Yorkers have the highest life expectancy due to daily walking, proximity of emergency health care, etc. According to GOOD, babies born in 2009 can expect to live for 80.6 years! The national average is 78.2
  • According to Mayor Bloomberg’s facebook page (I couldn’t find the original data source), infant mortality in 2011 was the lowest in history!
  • And finally, this year had the lowest number of traffic-related fatalities ever recorded. The city started tracking back in 1910 with the worst year being 1929 which saw 1,360 deaths. Compare that to 2011 which had just 237.

So, if you can avoid the stress-related hypertension, it looks like all of us can look forward to long lives of not getting run over!

Source: Become A New Yorker