My Favorite Supplements


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Happy Wednesday y’all! Kicking off a little #WellnessWednesday by
rounding up my favorite supplements. I’m by no means a pro here,
but throughout the summer I tried to take different supplements
daily to help my overall mood/anxiety, hair health, and things like
digestion and energy. There are SO many supplements available
nowadays, so I think it’s super important to have reliable
options on what works and what doesn’t.

Rewind to when I was in college, I would buy all of those whacky
supplements targeted to help you lose weight. News flash: they
don’t work!! Queue the crowd gasping. While there is no
“miracle pill” to help, there are a few daily supplements
I’ve found that do help either minimize appetite or make you feel
full when you’ve had a certain amount. I’ve also noticed that
these help you drink more water which is a win-win overall.

So let’s get into what I’ve been using over the last month
or two. Again, I’m no pro here but I love sharing what I love
with you guys! Are there any supplements/probiotics you’re
currently loving that I should try? Have a great day and thanks for

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1. Hum Nutrition “Flatter
.” I feel like this is the one that has made the biggest
difference for me, it’s a digestive enzyme that supports a
flatter stomach. It helps decrease bloating drastically and I’ve
been #blessed with the bloat gene.

2. Hum Nutrition “Uber
” I take two of these the second I get into the office
daily! They really help fight fatigue on those days you need an
extra boost. I’ve been trying to limit my Diet Coke/soda intake,
so these have been a huge help.

3. Love Wellness “Mood
” Similar to St. Johns Wort, these are designed to just
really help you feel better whenever you have heightened anxiety
– which for me is daily now. It’s a more mild approach to
managing stress daily.

4. Hum Nutrition “Skinny
” Designed to help reduce stress eating (lol) this is
one that I also take the second I get into the office. It helps me
try to reach my daily water intake, and feel fuller faster.

5. Hush & Hush “Deeply
” Perfect for hair health (something I’m really
trying to maintain as I get older), this supplement is so much
better than Biotin. Even my hair stylist commented on how much my
hair has grown between root touch ups since I’ve been using

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My Favorite Supplements
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My Favorite Supplements