My Favorite Thrift Store Sections Are The Overlooked Ones

If you take the time to go thrifting, whether it’s weekly,
bi-weekly, of, if you’re a 65 year-old retired schoolteacher or
engineer and love *~ThE ThriLl~* of hoarding things you’ll
eventually restore but never get around to and thus fill
your garage (that’s not to say people don’t do these incredible
restorations where they take $10 man cave trash with coffee mug
ring stains and return it to its midcentury hardwood glory) you
probably have your favorite thrift store locations because you
always find something there.
We usually chalk it up to that particular location receiving
incredible donations from retired(dead) eccentric heiresses or
former thrift store and antique-hoarder hobbyists, and this might
just be the case- however, I would like to posit that most of us
just know where to look when we go thrifting. We’ll hit up the
sections of the store that always have something, and honestly
that’s all style aaaaaaaaand well, life! is really all about:
knowing what you want.
So what do I usually want when I go thrifting? What is my
I think on this and I hear myself saying: “usually it’s just
to find something *interesting*, I guess” but what does that even
I suppose *interesting* just refers to those mundane, everyday
objects of yore that are in fact well-conceived pieces of design
that were likely taken for granted when they were first shoved onto
store shelves and then touched by be-manicured housewives in
polyester satin headscarves, who, in my mind, were smoking while
shopping for canned green beans for some reason.
Okay, so that means household items and accessories from the
50s-70s. This is all a fantasy, but I think you get the idea?
Where I tend to find the kinda stuff I crave from a good
thrift shift
1. Kitchenware!

My gOd, do I love a good enamelware bowl! I have a
small collection of enamel bowls in different sizes for various
kitchen vessel-ing needs. I also have a beautiful marbled robin’s
egg blue enamel pot. Enamelware is smooth, colorful and easy to
separate and mix ingredients with. Sort of a “you can’t beat the
classics” kind of situation- these things are a delightful,
abundant, useful and cheap thing to have a mis-matched collection

As for glass stuff, I tend to look for Pyrex
or lab-grade glassware for keeping various things in.

Now, if you do happen to find a lab vial or two, please for
the love of jeebus do not eat or drink from it unless you’re a
dumbass like me and occasionally keep your Tylenol in one after
vigorously washing it. 

2. Hosiery!

There’s always a weird bin or basket of hosiery in thrift
stores, tucked alongside sewing pattern envelopes with
illustrations of bridget doll lookalikes on ’em. This (as
I have shared in my Instagram stories
) is not a bin you
should overlook, my friends.

I have found Mary Quant m’fkin tights (pictured here) for
25¢. I have found weird patterns and funky colors and puzzling
decorations galore- and usually for suuuuuper cheap.
Now, you need to be careful of stale nylons and elastics
getting worn out, and make sure to look at the size guide on
packages before you throw them in your basket.
3. Bags and Luggage!

I love finding rattan baskets and beaded purses in thrift
stores- I think that’s a well documented move nowadays with folks
filling their Depop shops with dainty little vintage purses made
from natural materials from beads to grass weaving and even woven
paper (as it was popular in the 90s).
I tend to seek out the 60s beaded bag or the top handle suitcases
or rattan picnic baskets. Even as decor, a stack of old picnic
baskets look really cool in an unoccupied corner in our
4. Winterwear and Tulle underskirts
I’m not gonna talk about clothes at length, but I will say
that knits and coats are the more surefire racks to find something
really cool if you’re into finding clothes that are designed
to be valuable. Why? Think about it: when folks donate things to
their local charity shops or thrift joints, they’re getting rid of
things they can’t make money off quickly through resale and just
need to make space. Coats and sweaters are, more likely than not,
something folks will splurge on for their needs over a t-shirt or
rayon dress, and so what they have will probably be relatively
nice. Granted, the 90s Express Tricot dresses and Looney Tunes tees
are valuable now, and they are thrift go-tos, but you already knew

Hell, you probably knew everything I’m bringing up here, but you
know what? I could go on, so I did.

Now, go find something yourself something nice <3

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Source: FS – NY Fashion
My Favorite Thrift Store Sections Are The Overlooked Ones