Of Course Sofia Coppola Found the Perfect Summer Pants

I worked on a film set for the first time last summer
and, because I harbor fantasies of one day making a movie of my
own, I found myself daydreaming about what I’d wear if I
Then I daydreamed about what I’d require my crew to
wear, because in addition to being an aspiring filmmaker I am
selectively a control freak, too. I think I eventually landed on
Angès B.
for all of us. (Now, for a movie idea….)

A “French jumpsuits only” dress code is probably overkill,
but there is clearly a good case to be made for uniform dressing as
a director. There are tons of variables when you’re making a
film, so nailing what you’ll wear each day, and then not having
to worry about it, seems like it would be its own small moment of
zen in a chaotic atmosphere. If what you wear mirrors the mood and
look of the film, too? Now I’m in love.

Sofia Coppola is of course a style icon in any environment, but
I think her
on-set looks
are the perfect execution of what my jumpsuit idea
overdid: like her films, they’re stylish and beautiful in simple,
essential ways—the tailoring, her little styling tweaks—but
most importantly, they make it clear that she is #here #to #work.
In fact, Patrick Sandberg pointed
exactly that on Twitter, referencing a photo of her
ensemble from the set of her upcoming film On the Rocks. After
which, I noticed additional people lusting after the green pants she
is wearing in said photo. (Are you? We found some.)

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What makes this particular photo so amusing (and the reason
I’ve come back to look at it at least five times since yesterday)
is that Rashida Jones is beside her in the exact same pants,
providing a kind of choose-your-own-adventure for how to style
them. The twinning is also a kind of kismet: On the Rocks is
apparently about a young mother with a larger-than-life father
(played by Bill Murray, *chefs kiss*), a reality they both
obviously share.

But enough about the celebs. For your own sartorial purposes:
Are you, like Rashida, a niche literary T-shirt and Vans kind of gal?
Or are you going for more of a “Hollywood royalty who married a
French musician” vibe? Either way, these pants are at your

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Photo via @PatrikSandberg.

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Of Course Sofia Coppola Found the Perfect Summer Pants
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Of Course Sofia Coppola Found the Perfect Summer Pants