Pete Davidson’s Got a New Look in His Netflix Special and I’m Ogling It With the Sound Off

As far as I’m concerned, “an evening with Pete Davidson”
are the five most beautiful words in the English language. I can
see why Netflix dedicated two of 77 seconds in the Pete Davidson:
Alive in New York trailer to this title card. This trailer for
Davidson’s impending comedy special dropped yesterday and it is
not for the faint of heart—I’m not sure whether it’s been
edited with the intention of sparking controversy, whether it’s a
highlight reel of the best jokes the special has to offer, or
whether all the good stuff awaits us on February 25th. What I’ll
recommend for now is watching the video on repeat with the sound
off. That is where you’ll find Davidson looking like a tall glass
of Four Loko. It’s the dawn of a new day for Pete
, one in which an unhemmed “Snake Love, Not War”
t-shirt has been replaced by a crisp suit.

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This outfit was IT 🙌🏽🙌🏽#petedavidson

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I haven’t been able to shake this idea I read in Dayna
Tortorici’s spellbinding n+1 essay called “My
,” which posits that we respond to instances of
beauty with an urge to imitate or replicate them. (Tortorici draws
from the essayist Elaine Scarry, who reminds us that “when the
eye sees someone beautiful, the whole body wants to reproduce the
person.”) So, this explains my desire to copy-and-paste
Davidson’s outfit, and here’s how I’d recommend approximating
it: First, a horchata-colored t-shirt with a substantial collar
band, like the
Trash tee from Everybody.World
. Next come these Entireworld trousers and these black socks with a fabric blend
I swear by. This COS blazer
is a perfect dupe for Pete’s if you don’t mind me saying, and
then there’s the arduous task of keeping a pair of white Adidas
spotless in a year when
a picture of two mice squabbling over food
wins a wildlife
photography award. If you asked me yesterday: “Does Pete Davidson
tuck his shirts into his pants?” I would have said no, and I
would have been wrong! The outfit is cemented in Davidson’s
aesthetic with the beads
around his wrist
: One can’t help but wonder if one is a
friendship bracelet from Kieran Culkin.

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With his first official comedy special in the books, it looks
like Davidson is operating at
start-your-day-with-hot-water-and-lemon levels of productivity: His
semi-autobiographical Apatow movie The King of Staten Island debuts
at SXSW in March, he’s slated to make his DC Extended Universe
debut in 2021’s Suicide Squad, and he’s launching a “weed
” circa April 2020, all while still dipping in and out
of SNL episodes. How fast can Guy Raz get him on “How I Built

Here are some topics I both hope and doubt Davidson’s special
will cover: the time he and Julia-Louis Dreyfus kissed (nobody
talks about this enough); if he wants to read Colin Jost’s
forthcoming memoir
A Very Punchable Face
for the MR Review of Books with me; and
the Safdie Brothers’ movie Good Time. (I tend to get along best
with people whose views on the movie Good Time oppose mine, and
Davidson delivers this in spades—lest we forget when Davidson
appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his “10
seconds” in Set It Up and instead played the trailer for the
Safdie’s already-released feature instead.)

What’s my position on the polarizing Pete Davidson? Glad you
asked. We’ll call it “fervent
.” This stems from my perception of him as one of most
unabashedly human celebrities stirring up internet traffic this
century. If you’re not endeared to him but you are open to the
possibility, I recommend watching this video of
Pete getting dressed by Queer Eye’s Tan France. That’s one way
I’ll be biding my time until the clock strikes February 25th.

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Pete Davidson’s Got a New Look in His Netflix Special and I’m
Ogling It With the Sound Off
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Pete Davidson’s Got a New Look in His Netflix Special and I’m Ogling It With the Sound Off