Ranch Dressing

thrifted 90’s DKNY bodysuit, Babaton
off-the-shoulder bodysuit, Helmut Lang Jeans,
thrifted mules
Took some time away from the city with Jevins. Everything in
our apartment is completely bagged up in the midst of 2 rounds of
bed bug fumigation (AAARUGH!), but the details of this experience
are for a different post.
I’m wearing two (2!) layered bodysuits here, if you can
believe it! I found the button-up and mule heels at The Barkin’ Basement in
Hailey, Idaho
 I made a fast B-line towards the table and
rack of Western-themed finds that they were grouped together on
(big yee haw energy). 
I actually wouldn’t have seen the button-down bodysuit if
Jevins hadn’t pointed it out going “wtf, look at that weird top!”-
I recognized it and snatched it immediately.
I then came back to the ranch, sat with Imp and Whisper in a
field, and felt content.
Here’s a question: the pony hair pattern on the heels, is
it Tobiano, Overo, Sabino or Tovero ya think?

Thank you to Silver
bell Ranch
for letting me deplete food in the kitchen
and frolic with the minis. Love ya, Mel.
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Source: FS – NY Fashion
Ranch Dressing