Recent Amazon Finds

I’m constantly asking my friends about what they’re buying
& loving from Amazon because there’s so many product
offerings that it can feel overwhelming – and I’m always afraid
that I’m missing out on something good!  Plus, there are so many
third party sellers now, that it’s hard to sort out the good from
the bad.  So I thought I’d share some of my own recent purchases
with you today – with the exception of some dog toys &
treats, this is everything I’ve bought over the last month that
I’ve been impressed with.

Amazon finds

Cropped Workout

I was needing some more long-sleeved tops for the gym so I ordered
this one and loved it so much that I went back & immediately
bought more colors.  I went up a size and the fit is perfect –
it’s just the right length for wearing with my high-waisted
leggings & I like that it doesn’t shift around when I’m

Blue Light Blocking

My beloved blue light glasses that I’ve had for years met an
untimely death thanks to my rambunctious puppy.  So I ordered
these as a replacement & was amazed by the quality for the
price – they come in a hard case with a microfiber cleaning cloth
+ I think this tortoise wayfarer style is universally

Sleek 7 Day

With all the travel I’ve been doing over the last few months, I
was getting pretty tired of putting all my supplements into baggies
every time I packed.  This is the prettiest pillbox I’ve ever
seen – it takes up minimal room in my luggage, there are dividers
for each day and it’s just the right size for all my vitamins. 
I bought the rose gold color, but it also comes in champagne or

Silicone Dish Washing

In my last Amazon post, I mentioned how we switched the whole
family over from traditional loofahs to this silicone style – these
gloves are like the kitchen version of that!  Not only do they
protect my nails while I’m washing dishes, but they make it so
much easier to get plates & pans clean (compared to my old
scrub brush).  I ordered a second pair to use for giving the dog a
bath – total game changer!

Beach Waver Tool
My daughter was begging me to order this for her after using it at
a friends’ house – so, of course, I had to try it out for
myself!  I probably wouldn’t do it every day, but it’s a fun
way to create waves that are different than what I normally make. 
I would say these are a little bit tighter (think mermaid/island
hair) and I was impressed with how long the waves held up.  The
other bonus: it’s much easier to use than a curling wand for
those who feel intimidated by them.

Stainless Steel Odor
Remover Bar

I honestly don’t understand how this works, but it is like magic
for getting rid of smells from fish, onion, garlic, you name it. 
Simply rub your hands over the bar under running water for 30
seconds and all those scents will vanish.  Some of the reviews
mentioned that they use it in their underarm area after working
out, which has me intrigued!

Vitamin C Serum
The vitamin C serum I was previously using got discontinued (hate
it when that happens!), so after doing research and reading
hundreds of reviews, I finally settled on this one to replace it
with.  I’ve only been using for a couple weeks, but I feel like
my dark spots are getting lighter & less noticeable.  This
serum is 20% vitamin C and 5% hyaluronic acid, which really packs a
punch.  I apply this in the morning & only need 3 drops to
cover my entire face.

Stainless Steel

I didn’t think there was such a thing as a pretty squeegee, but
this stainless steel style is so modern & sleek.  This works
great in the shower and for cleaning windows or mirrors.  It comes
in 4 different lengths and is also available in silver.

Stackable Acrylic Storage

My collection of hair accessories has definitely grown over the
last couple of years so I needed a way to keep them all corralled
neatly.  This stackable storage tower is the perfect solution –
you could actually use this for lots of different things (kids
craft supplies, snacks, beauty products, etc.), but it’s just the
right size for holding hair scarves, slips, scrunchies &

Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve been taking ACV gummies for a while but these are much
better tasting than what I was using before.  They’re not the
cheapest supplement in my arsenal, but it’s worth it to me to buy
the best quality I can get.  For those who aren’t familiar with
the benefits of ACV, it improves digestion, boosts your energy
& can even help clear up your skin.

Croc Toiletry Bag

When I travel, I use (and swear by) this makeup bag for all my
cosmetics, but I was needing more bags to store my hair products
& other toiletries in.  This chic croc set of pouches gives
you so many size options – I’ve been keeping the smallest one
in my purse and the other three go into my suitcase.  These also
come in black, cognac, navy or red.

Scalloped Bikini
I’m pretty excited about the fact that we will have an in-ground
pool in our backyard starting in June, so we can go swimming
anytime we want!  So I decided I needed to order a couple new
suits for the summer and I found some great affordable options on
Amazon.  This scalloped bikini has great coverage & is so
flattering – I ordered based on the size chart & the fit is
perfect (comes in 6 different colors).  I also ordered this colorblocked 2-piece in
pink, which hasn’t arrived yet…but the reviews look

Peanut Butter Protein

I’m always on the hunt for portable snack options that have clean
ingredients and this one is a new favorite of mine.  The texture
is a little crumbly at first bite, but it gets creamy as you eat it
(these come in other flavors if you can’t do peanuts).  I like
that it’s a smaller size than other protein bars + there’s only
2 grams of sugar.

Pearl Drop

My love for pearls knows no bounds so when I came across these
pretty earrings, I couldn’t help myself!  The size & weight
of these makes them look so much more expensive than they are and
they literally go with everything.

Adjustable Drawer

I mentioned these last month, but I can’t say enough good things
about how they have transformed my dresser and actually given me
more space than I had before.  They’re ideal for long drawers
where you want to fit a bunch of different things in an organized
way.  And, because they’re adjustable, you can move them around
as much as you need to.

Dainty Huggie

Lately I’ve been wearing these 18k gold plated hoops in my second
hole and I just love the look of them.  They don’t irritate my
sensitive skin and they add just enough interest while still being
subtle enough for everyday wear.

Glycolic Acid Exfoliating

I’ve been experimenting with lots of new skincare products lately
and, while not all of them are worthy of sharing here, this one is
definitely something I’ll be buying again.  It’s a really
gentle exfoliant that produces a nice lather (a little goes a long
way).  I was a little worried that the glycolic acid would
irritate my skin, but I’ve been using it every other day with no

Checkered Sunglass Travel

This was definitely an impulse purchase, but I love it so much! 
If you’re going on a warm weather vacation, this would be perfect
for bringing along different pairs of sunglasses with you.  At
Christmas when we flew back to Oregon, I packed a pair of mine and
my husband’s in two of the slots and put some bracelets &
rings in the other slots.  You could also stash this in your car
so all your glasses are protected & in one spot.

Brown Sugar

There’s nothing worse than going to bake and finding your brown
sugar as hard as a rock.  This storage container has solved the
problem – just soak the terra cotta disk in water, snap it into
the airtight lid and it will keep your brown sugar soft!

Microfiber Bed Sheet

After hearing so many people rave about these sheets, I finally
caved & ordered some for our master bed.  Let’s just say,
they definitely live up to the hype.  These are so much softer
than the cotton sheets we’d been using previously + they’ve
held up great after multiple washes – and you just can’t beat
the price!

Paleo Pancake Mix
I’ve been using this pancake mix for a while and just discovered
that it’s actually cheaper on Amazon than at Target, where I
usually buy it.  Even though the rest of my family isn’t paleo,
they all prefer this grain-free mix over traditional pancakes (you
can make waffles with it too).  I’ve tinkered around with the
recipe and have found the best results when I add 1 egg, use half
water & half almond milk, plus a dash of vanilla extract. 
They come out fluffy & delicious every time!

Portable Phone

I’ve been going through lots of family photos recently and found
that we have so many of just the kids or of one of us with the
kids…but so few of the 4 of us together.  When we’re on road
trips or camping, it’s hard to get pictures of our whole family,
so I decided it was time to invest in a tripod that we can take
with us when we’re traveling.  This one is a great portable
size, the legs are bendable (you can even wrap them around a pole
or tree!) and it comes with a bluetooth remote.

Lifting Chin Mask
I blame this purchase on Kathleen Jennings (who is
great to follow for skincare tips & product reviews).  She
shared an Instagram story showing before & after of her results
using this mask and I immediately added it to my cart.  I’ve
left it on for an hour and noticed a visible difference in the
definition around & underneath my chin.  This isn’t
something I would use every day, so I plan on saving for special
occasions, date nights/girls nights or when I’m really needing a
little extra lift.

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