Relaxed Basics + My Thoughts On Fear

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I don’t write a lot of deeply personal posts here, but
something about preparing to travel to India is causing me to be
more vulnerable & transparent.  I can feel myself opening up
in ways I never have before, so it’s only natural that some of
that will spill over into my blog content as well.  This entire
journey that will take place over the course of the next 4 months
is going to be a transformative one for me – I can already see it

Last night, we had a planning meeting for our India trip –
myself & the small team of women I’m traveling with met with
the director of Freedom Firm to
discuss more details surrounding the camp where we’ll be serving
and what to expect.  I’m not going to lie, I walked away from
that dinner feeling slightly overwhelmed and, if I’m being
honest, downright afraid.  The more real this trip becomes, the
more my insecurities threaten to get the best of me.

Afterwards, while I was driving home, I had a million thoughts
rushing through my head & I started to doubt if I should even
be going on this trip.  Who am I to be leading these girls?  How
can I possibly relate to what they’ve gone through?  What makes
me think that I can make a difference?  I don’t even speak their
language.  I’m so unqualified!

On & on & on…those voices of doubt continued to chip
away at my confidence, passion & certainty about this
opportunity.  Like tiny arrows piercing through the armor of my
resolute spirit, leaving their mark & allowing the darkness to
seep in.  I was left feeling shaken and unsettled rather than
inspired & enthusiastic.

Fear is a dangerous thing because it tricks our mind into
believing that those negative thoughts are actually truths.  But
they aren’t.  Fear is a liar.  It can limit us, blur our vision
and, worst of all, if we succumb to it, it has the power to prevent
us from taking risks and going outside our comfort zone.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a woman who
lives only in the shelter of complacency.  I want to be brave
& fearless and live with arms outstretched, welcoming new
experiences & challenges my way.  So what if I fail?  I will
learn valuable lessons, grow stronger because of it & move
forward with a clearer purpose than before.

So, even though the future is uncertain & I only have a
limited amount of control over what happens, starting today I am
CHOOSING to be hopeful instead of fearful, eager instead of worried
and confident instead of intimidated.  Because the truth is – we
get to decide what our attitude will be; we set the tone.  And I
want for mine to be one that is positive, optimistic &
assured.  How about you?

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Relaxed Basics + My Thoughts On Fear