The bathroom “everything” rack including a litter box

One bathroom rack to catch all, including the litter box.

Our bathroom cabinet storage is very limited, and I wanted a
large piece that could hold everything.

From the usual toiletry stuff to extra toilet paper, towels,
plants, and even the kitty litter box for our cat, since the
bathroom was the only place it would fit.

Luckily, the massive HEJNE unit has room for all!

bathroom litter box - IKEA hack

IKEA items used: 

Hejne shelf unit


Other materials and tools: 

  • Wooden dowel cut to size to hold the curtain
  • Curtain from Goodwill (approx. 32″w x 24″h)
  • Cat litter
  • Cat litter mat

Bathroom litter box hider instructions: 

This is a pretty simple hack for which you need four HEJNE posts
and several of the HEJNE 30×18″ shelves. You can also opt for
the shallower 11″ deep shelves, depending on your space.

First is to assemble the HEJNE according to IKEA instructions
and get it in position.

To give the kitty some privacy, I cut a wooden dowel to the
width of the HEJNE. Then, I found a curtain to put on it. The one I
used is about 32″ x 24″ high. I then slid the rod with curtain
into place on top of the shelf to cover the bottommost section.

cat litter
curtain cover

The cat still has access from the side, but from straight on you
can’t see there’s a litter box there.

bathroom litter box - IKEA hack
bathroom litter box

The total cost was $28 for the HEJNE shelves, $12 for the
four HEJNE posts, $16 for a 36×24″
kitty litter mat
on Amazon to line the bottom shelf, $3.99 for
the curtain and about a buck for the dowel, which you can find at
just about any craft store.

bathroom everything rack

Top three sections to hold my bathroom everything

Another option would be to use a cabinet (such as the IVAR)
rather than the curtain and cut a kitty door in them, but that’s
a project for the future 🙂

~ by Anna

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bathroom “everything” rack including a litter box
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The bathroom “everything” rack including a litter box